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April 22nd, 2012 at 11:51 pm

The Sanctuary of The Gym

Over the course of the last several months I have been entrusted with opening up a few times a week for King’s Gym in Bedford, Oh. Being that I live an hour east of this great facility, my waking time is around 2 am. I would like to share this past week with you if I may. Last Monday, April 16, I received a call from my youngest son, Aaron, that he had been in a car accident on his way to work in Columbus, Oh. His vehicle was completely totaled and he was basically okay and this father counts his blessings!

When he called I could not focus on anything at all, just kind of shell-shocked. Once I realized and understood the depth of his injuries, torn muscles in his back and bruises, I just thanked the man upstairs for saving him.

As last week flowed, I just counted my blessings each and every day. I felt like the gym was my sanctuary. This past Friday 04/20 was very special. I got to the gym and opened very early, turned on some music and one light fixture and trained by myself for 50 minutes, doing incline bench presses before anyone else got there. As I relished this quiet, alone time, each rep of every set I did I felt my son was with me in my thoughts and how fortunate I am to have him. I have never felt closer to him.

I just had this surge of motivation to train real hard. Let me give you the numbers for this work-out:

Inclines-185 lbs. for 50 minutes, I wasn’t counting the sets, but stayed at four reps per set with 45 seconds between sets.
Hammer rows-25 sets, 3 reps per set all over 450 lbs. with the last set at 520 lbs. for a double.
Heavy pulls in the power rack-with the aide of a belt and wrist straps, maxing out at 945 lbs. (starting at 315 lbs. and going up two wheels on each side.)

When in doubt revert back to basic movements with an Olympic bar! That is bench and incline presses, deadlifts, bent over rows, deadlifts and squats and to heck with those cable and machine ISO exercises! They will get you nowhere.

Train hard and count your blessings!

Life and faith in your life is good!-Gary Lillvis

Gary Lillvis


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