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March 8th, 2010 at 11:27 pm

The Confusion Principle-Growing by Resting!

In baseball a pitcher will confuse a hitter, keeping him off balance by mixing up the pitches. One moment the hitter might see a fast ball, followed by a curve ball, change up, knuckle ball to a slider. In order for the batter to be a complete player he needs to recognize each pitch and through advanced preparation, successfully make the adjustment in his swing to make contact that results in a successful on base hit. Reacting to the stress of this confusion the batter has adapted and developed into a solid ball player.

Part of your life long journey participating in The Iron Game, besides adhering to a disciplined program and lifestyle, has to be the infusion of this confusion principle. In order to make gains you will at times need to make changes in your routine. In an earlier post I addressed the value of mixing up the sequences of your exercises for a particular work out. The benefit is obvious, such a change up will shock your body and also revitalize your mental approach to your work outs thus making them more productive.

Take your confusion principle one step further by cutting back by 40% the number of sets you do, yes, cut down on the number of sets! Of the three components of this wonderful activity; training, diet and rest, training and diet often times receives the bulk of attention while rest receives very little attention. This might seem like a paradox, but if you want to continue making progress in your strength, size and development, cut your work outs down and reprioritize the value of rest. You need to rest and recover through proper diet to grow.

Hammer, hammer, hammer for 10 consecutive weeks, then take a 4 week reprieve and cut your training back 40% and emphasize rest and recovery. Think of it this way, you’re shocking your body into growing by resting! Good training!

Your mind is what makes everything else work.-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Gary Lillvis

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