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May 16th, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Remember the story of The Tortoise and The Hare? Both were engaged in a race with one being much faster and quicker, the hare, while the other one was much slower and not very quick at all, the tortoise. When the race began the hare got off to a quick and easy lead while the tortoise began the race with a much slower and methodical approach. The hare would bolt ahead, retreat and expend additional energy by making fun of how slow the tortoise was moving. We all know the moral of the story, the hare eventually ran out of gas, became tired and lost the race to the slower, yet consistently moving tortoise.

This parable reminded me of two world class body builders from back in the 70’s. At that time Albert Beckles, then 63 yr. old and Ed Corney, then in his 40’s and a training partner of Arnolds’s. In particular Albert used to say, “keep 3 more reps in you”. In other words, cut your training back so you can live to train another day a.k.a. slow and steady wins the race. Ed Corney, though 23 yr. younger than Albert, held fast to the same principle. Both competed against youngsters in their 20’s and 30’s. I for one adhere to the principle of selling out, of busting your butt when you are in the gym. However, you still need to listen to yourself and live to train another day by on occasion exercising restraint by keeping “3 more reps in you.”

Remember, slow and steady ultimately wins the race. So adopt this principle and incorporate it into your training regimen. You will find it to be equally important as is all out gut busting intensity when quickness, speed, power and intensity rule. Both of these approaches have a place in your training. Good training!

Make the present good, and the past will take care of itself.-Knute Rockne

Gary Lillvis

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