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July 31st, 2010 at 5:03 pm

Old School Training Is Best

Fundamental weight training movements are your basic tools. That is a formula for success, whether you’re baking cookies or building a house. When it comes to muscle it’s never a bad time to return to the basics. If you’re a newbie looking for the best place to start, or you’ve been at it so long and have tried so many different workouts that you now find yourself performing goblet squats with a kettle bell while standing and trying to balance yourself on a half moon beach ball and wondering why you aren’t making any gains in size and/or strength.

Fear Not! You need to make sure that the old school fundamental exercises are still a part of your core program! Think of it this way. A carpenter builds houses with a hammer, nails and a skill saw, so why gravitate towards newly marketed silver and white machines with bells and whistles on them when a perfectly, good time tested seven foot olympic bar, plates, dumbbells and a power rack are at your disposal? It is the opportune time to return to the basics and embrace them!

When you are in the gym think of yourself as a carpenter building your body. Using single joint isolation movements on these new fangled machines to put peaks on your biceps and tear drops on the lower portion of your upper legs isn’t building anything, it’s just decorating!

So think of yourself as that carpenter and these are your tools; benches, incline presses, bent over barbell rows, T-bar rows, deadlifts and squats. Only after a healthy dose of these basic ingredients-then you can start decorating! Good training!

Adversity can be a great motivator.-Bill Walsh

Gary Lillvis

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    I can also add that people focus on many things that are not so effective. If you have to do some physical work then you gain better results because you focus on that work not your body issues and you dont feel when you are tired while you do your job.

    Michael Evancho on September 20th, 2010


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