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Diet, Rest and Nutrition

These three components are probably more important than training. Try to eat well balanced meals as consistently as you can, with an emphasis on protein. There are no shortcuts to achieving your fitness goals. Your accomplishments will be the result of consistent hard work coupled with rest, as well as nutrition, so you can come back even stronger. Remember this is a very simple activity, it’s all about stress and adaptation to that stress.

Whey protein I have found to be a good source of protein and will serve you well as a supplement. I basically live on chicken and tuna for my other sources of protein. A long time ago (1960’s/1970’s) the accepted amount of protein that you were supposed to ingest to build muscle was basically 1 gram per 2.2 lbs. of body weight. Example; a 200 lb. person should consume approximately 100 grams of protein per day. More recent research suggests that your body actually needs more, in fact the protein to body weight ratio is 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Your protein requirement is at it’s highest immediately after a workout. In reality, consistent improvements in your protein intake will only help you in the recovery process so you can come back even stronger for your next training session. I know that at my current body weight of 235 lbs. it would be very difficult for me to ingest and assimilate 470 grams of protein per day, I just can’t eat that much. Try to eat frequent small meals with an emphasis on the protein. Improvements in this one area will only benefit you. Like clock work immediately after I train, I drink a protein shake, even before I head off for work.

Since I train at 5 AM, I leave my house at 4 AM. I do not eat before I workout. However, the night before around 8 to 9 PM, I will have one or two bowls of cereal which gives me the carbs that I need to train. Do not eat protein before you train, save it for after training. In short, you can’t ignore the importance of Rest and Nutrition as you continue towards your strength and mass building journey.

As far as vitamin supplements go, I have found an excellent 10-in- One daily liquid vitamin that I have replaced my previous regimen of dozens of vitamins daily. Wish I had found this sooner. The vitamin is called GBG Liquid Multi-vitamin. I have found since I have been taking this, I have not had any colds, which I used to get a couple of times per year. I also have very good energy, and feel really good taking this liquid vitamin. It actually costs less than all of the vitamin bottles I bought monthly before.

If you are interested in trying GBG yourself, go here. You can also read more on GBG on this website under GBG Liquid Vitamin.

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